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Find makeup that works for you
Visualize makeup looks and see products on models across a range of skin tones, right from home. Search for a foundation or lip product to see what the shade realistically looks like on you.
Try before you buy
Get a fully immersive shopping experience to visualize color, style, and placement right in your own space to see how it fits your space and vibe.
Meet life-size animals at home
Explore up close and personal 100+ animals in augmented reality. Magically conjure and interact with whales, dragonflies, even dinosaurs without leaving your living room.
Experience the beauty of our world
Get a magnified view of plants, bacteria, cellular structures, and more. Take a virtual trip through the human body and learn about the different anatomical systems and chemical bonds. Marvel at the beauty of Chichén Itzá or other cultural landmarks.
Turn your home into a museum
With Google Arts & Culture and institutions like the Smithsonian National Air Space Museum, bring museum exhibits home and immerse yourself in the world's rich cultural history. Explore the ancient Pyramids of Meroë in Sudan and more.

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